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Our classes are designed to reflect our philosophy that, in addition to requiring hard work, learning has to be enjoyable. We build a fun, comfortable environment where a friendly relationship exists between students and their peers and instructors to ensure students feel capable of doing their best. We do not just teach our students; we also mentor them. In order for the students to work diligently without complaint, we create a culture in which hard work is a daily routine. When students blend themselves into the culture, they are influenced by their environment to excel and therefore, obtain pleasure, and results, from their efforts.

We divide our learning space into small classrooms so class sizes are manageable: all our students sit in the first row and receive the individual attention they require and deserve.



  • B.S., Taiwan University
  • Ph.D., University of Iowa

Founder of MT Learning Center, Dr. Juang has been tutoring since he was 17 years old. Author of seven books, his research papers have appeared in the Journal of Management Sciences and in the Journal of Annals of Operations Research. Dr. Juang taught at the University of Iowa for a few years before coming to California. During those years, he received 4 teaching excellence awards from the university for his contribution. Don concentrates on teaching math classes at MT Learning Center. His SAT & SAT II math classes have helped a countless number of students achieve perfect scores of 800. Over the years, his reputation has spread widely, and students come to him from as far as Sacramento, Davis and El Cerrito.

  • Harvard University

    - Graduate School of Education

    - M.Ed., Master of Education in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy.

  • University of California, Berkeley

    - B.A., Integrative Biology and American Studies (self-designed Multiculturalism in Education program) Double Major. Minors in Ethnic Studies and Creative Writing.

Cin-Yee has 20 years of strong experience working with K-12 youth of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. With extensive experience teaching SAT strategies, she has taught test taking skills to individuals and groups in both Massachusetts and California. As a volunteer Inspire Youth Mentorship Program Coordinator, Oakland Asian Students Educational Services (OASES) Alumni Board member, and Taiwanese American Youth Leadership (TAYL) counselor, she has also helped mentor many students and helped them pursue their personal and academic goals. Her past students have gone on to attend Stanford, UC and Ivy League schools, and other prestigious institutions. She is currently an instructor and the director of MT Learning Center’s SAT and English programs, and college application services.

  • B.S. in Bioengineering and M.S. in Biology, Stanford University

Noriko tutors all levels of biology and chemistry at MT Learning Center. She has experience tutoring students from the elementary school to university level, in a group or individual setting. A Fremont native, Noriko attended Stanford University for her B.S. in Bioengineering and M.S. in Biology. She tutors because she enjoys sharing her passion for science and engineering.

Noriko's sessions aim to supplement understanding of class material and to impart methods of effective learning in the sciences. Besides clarifying concepts, she focuses on developing her students' skills however is best for each individual. These skills range from reading and note-taking to exam preparation and test-taking. Noriko runs her tutorials with one core principle in mind: help them help themselves. She believes that if she is doing her job right, her students will become life-long learners who can and will successfully teach themselves.

  • UC Davis with a double major in Economics and Political Science

Jeff is currently a math teacher in Tennyson High school in Hayward Unified School District. He graduated from UC Davis with a double major in Economics and Political Science. After graduating from Davis he obtained his single subject math teaching credential at CSU: Sacramento and immediately entered the education field at the age of 23.

He started tutoring high school students since college and has experience working with students with different ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. He also worked with WCEO summer camps (Wisdom) teaching 1st to 8th graders in various subjects.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Fremont, Jeff has a great understanding of what it is like to be a student in Fremont since he went to high school here. He is also fluent in Mandarin and is a very approachable person.

  • B.A. in Mathematics, UC Berkeley

Kuan Chao graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Mathematics degree. He has been enjoying tutoring math, statistics and physics since 2012. For students with difficulties, Kuan goes beyond the classroom and the course boundary to help them. With his help, hundreds of students have achieved tremendous improvement not just in terms of their grades, but also in self confidence and new views about life. He is currently a graduate student in the Georgia Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science.

  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley
  • TEFL International TESOL Certification, TEFL International (ITTT)

Christopher graduated from UC Berkeley during December 2014. He studied at the university's College of Engineering and finished with a Bachelor of Science. He's trained through the TEFL International organization (ITTT) and has earned the TESOL certification for teaching English to students from K-12 to young adults. His TEFL experience took place in Tokyo, Japan and helped him become adept at educating and communicating efficiently to learners of all ages.

Chris grew up in Fremont, CA with a Taiwanese background and attended Mission San Jose High School. He is very familiar with the education system and culture in this local area. He volunteered as a tutor for community service during junior high and has taught math and SAT subjects at MT Learning Center when he was in high school.

Currently, he continues to teach mathematics and also physics at our learning center. His passion for teaching subjects eloquently helps his students succeed.

  • B.S. in Molecular Biology, UC Berkeley

Susie is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Mission San Jose High School. Since Fall 2015, she has taught honors and AP levels of biology and chemistry at Multiple Inductive Thinking Learning Center. She also teaches in Palo Alto, where she privately tutors high school students and leads an intro to coding class at elementary schools. Prior to teaching, Susie worked full-time in immunology research at the Stanford School of Medicine and held internships with labs at Genentech and UC Berkeley.

  • B.S. in Biochemistry, Rutgers University

Lisa graduated from Rutgers University as a biochemistry major. She wanted to become a tutor because she believes that she can make a positive difference on students’ futures. For her, it is a great and fulfilling challenge to help others gain a better understanding of and broaden their knowledge on different subjects. It also gives her a glimpse of what a teaching profession would be like. Lisa has always been grateful to the educational system for implanting values in her, so teaching others helps her pay back the education that she received.

  • M.S. in Electrical Engineering, Cornell University

Hon graduated from Cornell University with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. For over 30 years, he held senior positions in management, marketing and engineering, and founded two Silicon Valley companies. Hon has been a mentor to young entrepreneurs. He is now “semi-retired” but enjoys teaching and tutoring as a service to the young generation.

  • B.S. in Biochemistry, Nanjing University
  • PhD in Chemistry, South Dakota State University

Dr. Kevin Xie received his BS in Biochemistry from Nanjing University, China and his PhD in Chemistry from South Dakota State University. Then he did his postdoctoral study at Montana State University in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology. He investigated the iron acquisition process in human pathogen Staphylococcus aureus at a molecular level. He took his position of research assistant professor at Stony Brook University in 2013. Dr. Xie has extensive teaching and tutoring experience in the area of chemistry, math, physics and biology. He enjoys teaching, and has helped a number of students to dramatically improve their grades. Dr. Xie joined us in 2016, and is currently teaching chemistry and biology.