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Sample Essays
College Application Services Policies
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Samples of our Students' College Essays

The following students, whose sample essays appear here, were admitted to schools including: Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, and Laguna Center for the Arts. WARNING: Please do not copy our students' essay for any purposes - it would be a violation of copyright and college administrations can easily find plagiarized application essays.

Sample Student Essay #1
Click here to compare drafts throughout the editing process of this essay.
Sample Student Essay #2 Sample Student Essay #3
Click here to compare drafts throughout the editing process of this essay.
Sample Student Essay #4 Sample Student Essay #5
Click here to compare drafts throughout the editing process of this essay.
Sample Student Essay #6
Click here to compare drafts throughout the editing process of this essay.
Sample Student Essay #7
Click here to compare drafts throughout the editing process of this essay.
Sample Student Essay #8

This is the original essay before it was edited:

The editing process of this essay:

This is the final version after editing:

College Application Services

Many parents and students ask our opinion of the recently popular "college application service packages" or "four year high school study plans" that sound attractive, yet are very expensive. These services claim to offer guidance throughout high school, including the college application process. Here is some advice we can offer you free of charge.

We are proud to be a low cost college application service provider for the community. We provide affordable yet high quality services to college bound students. Even though the actual costs depends on each individual student, the statistics shows that in the past ten years, students who applied to five colleges averaged a cost of $980, equivalent to $196 per college, while students applied to ten colleges paid an average cost of $1480, or $148 per college, with our college application services. Our cost is a mere fraction of what some major competitors charge for the same service.

We offer two types of college application services to fit your needs. We help you polish your essays, to make them engaging, impactful and professional. In addition to essay editing, the counselor answers all questions you might have, and provides you with all the tips and strategies to strengthen your application and chances of gaining admittance into your ideal universities. If you have any more questions about the college application services we offer please click here.

Click here to see samples of our students' college essays.

A. Basic (UC) Package:

In the "Basic Package" section, "we" or "us" refers to MT Learning Center.

Most students use the Basic Package hours to apply to the University of California, but students can use the hours for applications to any college. Essay editing service and five hours of one-on-one counseling (up to 4 or 5 readings per essay by the counselor, 10 or 11 drafts in total including the student’s, depending on the preparedness of the student).

Fee: Less than or equal to $1090 after discount, $1090 due at registration

Early Bird discount: To encourage students to complete their college applications as early as possible, we offer the Early Bird discount.

  • a. September or before: $430 discount
  • b. October: $230 discount
  • c. November to January of the next year: No Early Bird discount
    In order for students to qualify for a specific monthly discount, students must register before the 20th day of that month AND must complete the five hours of counseling by the end of the month. If the student uses the service over multiple months, the discount is prorated over the months the service is used.

  • d. Service detail:
    1. * Before the first hour of one-on-one counseling: After registration, counselors will set up the first hour of one-on-one counseling with the student within five (5) business days. Students can cancel the service and receive a full refund if our counselors fail to set up the appointment within five business days.
    2. * It is the parents’ and students responsibility to inform MT Learning Center representatives and staff of the college(s) that the students intend to apply to as well as any honor programs or other such programs to receive a reasonable estimate of the number of service hours. It is the parents’ sole responsibility to inform us of any changes in colleges i.e. number of colleges, honor programs, etc. All changes to the number and nature of college applications are subject to our approval and payment adjustment.
    3. * First hour of one-on-one counseling: Students and parents meet with counselor for discussion. Both students and parents are required to attend the first meeting, because the counselor will be setting up the schedule for all of the meetings. The meetings in general are set up 7 to 10 days apart from one another in order to grant the students enough time to complete the work assigned to them at the last meeting. In the case that parents cannot attend the first meeting, our counselors will decide the meeting schedule with the students, but we will not be responsible for any scheduling conflicts. After the first meeting, students may email the next draft to the counselor but the editing will not be delivered until next meeting.
    4. * It is the students’ sole responsibility to be fully prepared for the meetings with the counselor. In the case that the students show up to the meetings unprepared, in no way will our counselor be held liable for any unfinished work. Our counselor will make the most of the allotted time to and try to complete a reasonable amount of work. A copy of the essay with time stamped edits will be provided for each editing session upon request.

B. Extra Service Hours:

In the "Extra Service Hours" section, "we" or "us" refers to MT Learning Center.

Basic Package plus Extra Service Hours: (Extra Service Hours is NOT available unless Basic Package is purchased on the same day. Charges are billed based on the actual number of counseling dates.)

  • a. September or before September: $70 per hour
  • b. October: $95 per hour
  • c. November to end of the year: $125 per hour
  1. The Basic Package is not refundable once the service starts. The client can terminate the Extra Service Hours Package at any time. To terminate the service, a notice should be given and confirmed one week before the termination takes effect, unless otherwise allowed in any part of this agreement. All charge for services rendered before the termination takes effect is indisputable. Corresponding to the client’s right, we possess the right to change the counselor with one week notice at any time.
  2. All students should be on time for meetings. For any reason the students are late or absent, we will not be responsible for the make-up time.
  3. For any case that the client needs to cancel or reschedule the class, the client should notify and CONFIRMED with the counselor at least 24 hours before the class time. However, the change of schedule might incur the change in service charges, even if the counselors agree with the schedule change.
  4. A security deposit of $1000 is required for each student applying for the Extra Service Hours Package, due at registration. The security deposit is refundable after applying the last month’s tuition, once the client decides to terminate the service.
  5. A commute surcharge of $15 per trip will be imposed if the classes are held outside of our premise and within Fremont and Milpitas area. The commute surcharge is applicable no matter the class venue is decided by the instructor, the student/parent, or us. Also the commute surcharge will be higher if the counselor has to travel outside of Fremont/Milpitas area.

If you would like to see examples of essay editing and the universities to which our students were accepted, please feel free to visit our office.

You may sign up for the college application service at any time, but we ask you to put down the full deposit for the service. The service hours are charged depending on the month in which they are used. For example, if you use 2 hours in September and 1 hour in October, you will be charged (2 hrs x September rate) + (1 hr x October rate). We will promptly return the unused portion of your deposit once you complete the college application process.

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Links to Colleges and Applications

University of California - The homepage of the UC System with links to all the UCs. Click here for application.

California State University - CSU homepage. For application, click here.

Santa Clara University - SCU's Homepage. For application, click here.

Common Application - Register for an online account on the Common Application website and conveniently apply to several universities with this application.

List of Colleges That Use the Common Application

Stanford University - Stanford's Homepage. Click here for application.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Click here to register for an account and begin your application!

California Institute of Technology - Caltech's Homepage. Click here for information regarding Caltech's application.

Ivy League - Ivy League's homepage. Click the top bar to see each individual Ivy League school.

Useful Links

CollegeBoard - Register for the SAT tests here or find out more information about colleges.

ACT - Register for the ACT test here.

AP Central - Find information regarding the AP tests at AP Central.

College Application Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the deposit and early discount work?

As per our policy, you have to put down the deposit for Basic (UC) package and/or the deposit for Extra Service Hours at registration. If your child completes the essays before the end of October, you will be qualified for the Early Bird Discount. In that case, we will return the discount portion to you after the application process is completed.

2. My child plans to apply for UCs, but only two or three more colleges besides that, can I put down less deposit?

MT Learning Center strives to provide quality, affordable service to our students. In order to reduce the operation costs, we have to standardize the process. Therefore, regarding Extra Service Hours, no matter whether a student is applying to only a few other colleges, or many more colleges, we request the same amount of deposit and return the unused portion of the deposit to you once the application process is completed.

3. My child plans to apply for UCs, but is not sure how many other colleges. If we use more hours than the deposit covers, what will happen? 4. If my child needs more than 5 hours of counseling for the UC application, what should I do? 5. If we do not purchase the Extra Service Hours package, but later on decide to apply to more colleges than we originally planned, what should we do? 6. My child is almost done with his/her UC application, and he/she probably will not need all 5 hours of counseling. Can I purchase the Extra Service Hours package only? 7. If my child does not want to apply for UCs, can I purchase the Extra Service Hours package only? 8. My child is very efficient in writing essays; can we have the first meeting as soon as possible and schedule the second and third meeting for the dates right after the first meeting? 9. What if my child has the first meeting in September, the second meeting in October and the third meeting in November, how much will I be charged?. 10. My child knows exactly what colleges he/she wants to apply for, can he/she start the essay editing right away in the first meeting? 11. By using MT Learning Center’s College Application service, by what percent can I increase my child’s chance of getting into his/her dream colleges? 12. How many service hours do we need in total? 13. We are signing up for college application service. Before the first meeting, what do we need to prepare?